Hi, I'm Juan!

I'm a software engineer from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology 🇦🇷

I have a MSc in Software Engineering from FH Technikum Wien 🇦🇹

This is my portfolio and a collection of the things I've learned and created!



Senior Software Engineer

August 2021 - present
Mercado Libre
Buenos Aires, Argentina
▪ Part of Melidata, cross-disciplinary team that offers internal teams to experiment with their features, algorithms, and audiences, processing more than 4 billion events daily across Latin America ▪ Built and mantained SDKs for internal teams to use (Android, iOS) ▪ Mentored colleagues, conducted interviews ▪ Took part in data science initiatives to uncover patterns and insights

Full Stack Software Engineer

July 2020 - July 2021
Vienna, Austria
Developed a personal finance site for global users to organize their invoices, bank accounts and clients. ▪ Built core features and improved the reliability of systems that helped increase users by 5x

Backend Engineer

September 2018 - April 2019
Buenos Aires, Argentina
▪ OOP designed and developed an educational platform in .NET Core for schools in Spain and Latin America ▪ Responsible for PostgreSQL management, AWS & Docker deployment, GitHub Pull Requests reviewing ▪ Delivered team-minded features continuously with Scrum




A restaurant table management web application with Spring, Hibernate and Jersey built under Scrum iterations and deployed to a Tomcat server with ReactJS as the front-end.

Recipe Book

Recipe book app built with Angular.

Pedestrian Dynamics

Pedestrian dynamics simulation in Java evacuating a room. Data analysis in Python and Octave.

Credit Card Fraud

Anomaly detection methods to find credit card fraud cases.

Counterfactuals with Health Treatment Analysis

Master Thesis: Analysis of Counterfactuals with Statistical Inference System.


A sliding block puzzle in Java putting the MVC pattern in practice.

Go Game

Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players in Java via a Minimax decision tree. The aim is to surround more territory than the opponent.

Inter-Process Communication

Use of different IPCs in a POSIX system. A system that distributes tasks is implemented on Ubuntu.

Supervised Neural Networks

Supervised neural networks studying dots in a 2D plane.

Proper Language

A programming language for the ones with style and good taste.